Shortlinks are custom links created in order to shorten a long link and track link clicks. Once you create your Shortlink you can post it on any website and track click statistics inside Stacky dashboard.

How to create a Shortlink

Step 1 - Navigate inside the project where you want to create your Shortlink. It's a good practice to store your Shortlinks in the same Project as the one used to create your Biolink. This way you can easily find them later on.

Step 2 - Click on the blue + Create button and select Shortlink from the drop-down menu

Step 3 - Insert the URL you want to shorten. This is usually a long link from an inner page of your website, a product page or a link containing different parameters.

Step 4 - Insert the text you want to be used for your Short URL. If you leave it empty a random link name will be generated. Do not include https or www since the link already includes our domain name.