Biolinks represent your pages. Think of them as the canvas where you will display all the buttons you want to promote. The number of Biolinks you can create depends on your existing plan. Currently Free and Plus plans include 1 Biolink, the Pro plan includes 5 Biolinks and the Agency plan includes 25 Biolinks.

On Biolinks you can publish your social media profile buttons, as well as an unlimited number of Links. Free accounts are limited to 10 links.

How to create a Biolink

Step 1 - Navigate inside the project where you want to create your Biolink

Step 2 - Click on the blue + Create button and select Biolink from the drop-down menu

Step 3 - Insert the name of the URL you want to use. This creates the Biolink you will display on Instragram or other social media pages. Do not include https or www since the link already includes our domain name.

Once your Biolink is created you can start customizing the settings and design, add social links and chat buttons and create the links you want to promote.