This applies to PlusPro and Agency plans. branding cannot be removed for the Free plan.

There are 3 options you can change in the Branding section. The branding link color is inherited from the Text Color option.

The Display Branding button is used to enable or disable the Branding URL from the footer of your page. If it's switched to OFF then no branding link will be shown.

Branding Name is used to set the link text you want to display.

Finally, the Branding URL must include the website where you want your link to redirect.

Changing the Branding options

Step 1 - Navigate to the Biolink page you want to modify and select the Settings tab

Step 2 - Find the Branding options and toggle the Display Branding button ON or OFF

Step 3 - Insert the Branding name and Branding URL

Step 4 - Save your work by pressing the Update button at the bottom of the page