Twitter Page Pixel allows you to obtain statistics and information about your Stacky page audience. In order to integrate your Twitter Page Pixel ID, you need to set up a Twitter Ads Business account first. If you do not know how to do that, please follow the official guide on setting up a Twitter Ads account.

Integrate Twitter Pixel ID with your Stacky page

Step 1: Select your Stacky Project

Step 2: Click the Actions (three dots menu) on the property you want and select Edit

Step 3: Select Settings from the upper menu

Step 4: Select Pixel Integration, select the Twitter icon and insert your Page Pixel ID in the Twitter Pixel field

How to get your Twitter Page Pixel ID

Step 1: Sign in to your Twitter Ads account

Step 2: Select Tools and then Conversion tracking

Step 3: Click Create a new conversion event (you can also open a previously created conversion event to find the Page Pixel ID).

If you previously created a Universal Website Tag, you should skip the creation of a new pixel ID. Use that one and skip to Step 5 in this section.

Step 4: When creating the new conversion event, select to use a Universal Website Tag and the All website visits condition.

Step 5: Once you generate your Universal Website Tag, you should see a code looking similar to the one below.

Look for the highlighted area in the code and copy the ID between the ' ' quotes.