This article applies to Plus, Pro and Agency plans.

The LinkedIn Pixel allows you to retarget your Stacky page audience using the LinkedIn Ads. In order to integrate your LinkedIn Insight Tag, you need to setup a LinkedIn Ads account first.

Integrate LinkedIn Insight Tag with your Stacky page

Step 1: Select your Stacky Project

Step 2: Click the Actions (three dots menu) on the property you want and select Edit

Step 3: Select Settings from the upper menu

Step 4: Select Pixel Integration, select the LinkedIn icon and insert your LinkedIn Insight Tag

How to get your LinkedIn Insight Tag

Step 1: Sign in to your LinkedIn Ads account

Step 2: Select your ads account from the list

Step 3: Click on the Account Assets drop down menu

Step 4: Select the Insight Tag option

Step 5: Click on the Install my Insight Tag

Step 6: Click the small down arrow next to the I will install the tag myself

Step 7: You will find your LinkedIn Insight Tag ID next to the _linkedin_partner_id line.

Your ID is the numeric code between the ' ' quotes.