If you want to set or change your billing details, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Click on the avatar menu in the top right of the screen and click on the Account link


Billing details for individuals

If you choose to be billed as an individual, you should only fill in your namecountryaddress, and select Individual as the billing type.


Billing details for companies

If you choose to be billed as a company, besides the name, country, address fields, you will have to fill in the following company details:

Company Name - Enter your full company name ( Full Company Ltd. )

Company Registration Number - The registrar number (where applicable)

Company VAT ID - If you have a European VAT ID you can add it here. This is only applicable to companies in the EU space. Make sure you fill in your full VAT ID (including the country code if required), so we can bill your company without adding VAT to the total amount.


Once the Billing Details are saved, if you filled in the VAT ID, our systems will check the VAT ID in the European Registry to make sure it is valid and all the information is correct. 

Your billing details are used to generate the invoice for your future payments on Stacky.me